What Makes A Great Modeling Portfolio

A Portfolio is a model’s basic promotional means consisting of an album showing the finest photos. A strong portfolio might do magic for a model but then again a poor portfolio can potentially close some doors leading to success. Portfolio’s must show creativity, skill set, thought, ambition and something extraordinary to set you apart a from other models. Models should regularly update their portfolios as they gain more experiences. In the modeling world a great first impression is very important for success.

A portfolio should include eye catching photos. Models should set high standards for themselves. A potential client always remembers the best and the worst photo in a portfolio. Models should include photos that WOW the viewer. A model should include multiple styles and looks including different angle head shots, hairstyle, makeup and backgrounds.

In some cases a portfolio is judged by the worst photo, so a model should be careful about the photos he or she includes in his/her portfolio. Photos that are perceived as just average may hurt a models chances of success in the long run. It is important for models to include a variety of expressions and styles of fashion into their portfolios. Model portfolios should incorporate the model’s personality and style into it. In most cases it is better to have fewer photos in a portfolio than it is to have several poor photos. A good rule of thumb is quality over quantity.

There are different sizes for photos in portfolios. The exact size of your modeling portfolio depends on a variety of factors including the model’s respective metropolitan city. It is recommended that models should contact professionals of that city to know which size is commonly used there.

A versatile portfolio will include:

  • Casual head shot
  • Styled head shot
  • Full body shot (swimsuit or lingerie)
  • Fashion shot (sexy)
  • Action shot
  • Editorial shot
  • Catalog shot

A great portfolio also consists of commercial, editorial shots, location and studio shots. Adjust your portfolio for your strengths and the type of modeling you want to do. A high quality head shot is a must. A portfolio should contain shots showing the kinds of work a model wants to do. If the model wants to be a swim-wear model she must have swim-wear shots.

A new model’s portfolio should include 6-12 pictures, 20 is maximum if she/he has 20 “WOW” pictures. Black and white photos are considered artistic form and they are can be included in a portfolio but should be limited to only a few. A model’s portfolio represents that model. It is imperative that the portfolio is displayed professionally. A model’s portfolio should be structured so that it provides a lasting and positive impression.

Bad portfolios consist of mistakes such as:

  • They have photos with somebody else (including pet dog or cat).
  • Models wear hats, gloves, long gowns sunglasses and jewelry.
  • Models submit photos they took during prom, grad and weddings
  • Male models use make up and wear jewelry and earrings.
  • Use of excessive make up which hides natural beauty
  • Nude pictures hurt model’s impression as professionals.
  • Models send naked pictures and loses potential clients
  • Models submit photos taken with a webcam. These photos are not artistic and are always rejected.
  • Photos with “special effects” create negative impression. It hides the real beauty of a model.
  • Model use mediocre photographers to take photos and in the long run the model’s career is suffered.
  • Loose photos, cut up contact sheets, loose slides, torn or bent photos shows poor portfolio presentation and unprofessional attitude.

If a model’s portfolio consists of these types of mistakes he/she should immediately correct the problem. A good portfolio is career making and a bad one may potentially ruin a model’s career. Models should be careful while creating their portfolio. Although professional photographers can be costly, it is highly recommended that models use them. Professional pictures will usually generate the best results for getting a modeling job.

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