Websites for Music Artists

1. – This website aims to help its members especially musicians and bands promote their music online. Broadjam supports its members by helping them sell their music through downloads, allowing them to enter contests, sell merchandise such as shirts and hats, createwebsites, buy music software, submit music to film and TV supervisors, and receive reviews for your songs. For others who just simply love music, they can benefit from this website through the free music search and free download of music.

2. – Dmusic was developed and launched as an independent artist’s website in 1998 together with This website offers digital music news, reviews, information, and an interactive environment for users to connect with their favorite musicians. Users create music together and broadcast it online while musicians have the chance to incorporate their official website into the platform.

3. – This site is the where you will find an ultimate source for mp3 music. has a sub-category known as Virtual Music System which has two main features: The first feature is the ability of the artists to produce quality CDs and offer it to their fans with no upfront payment. The second is for music lovers to mix all the artists that they like and put it in one CD at an affordable price.

4. – This is a premier website where social music promotion and distribution is found. The site helps boosts the discovery and consumption of music created by independent music artists. You can have your mp3s uploaded once you become a member of this website and create your own musician’s biography. Your page can be customized and the number of your site visitors can be tracked.

5. – With users amounting to over 1,622,000 consisted of managers, record labels, and venues, is definitely the place to expand, promote, and let your business grow across the web. This site offers free and easy on the pocket solutions to music industry professionals and artists. Just the same as the other music artists’ website, they are into web promotion, management of fan-related activities, distribution of music materials, and social-media marketing.

6. – This website is fitted for those who are newbies or beginners in the music industry market since they focus on the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. A member can build his or her profile where they can input their basic information, updates, photos, shows, and live streaming of music. Artists also have a choice whether to make their songs available for a free download.

7. – With Artistopia, music industry professionals all over the world gather to showcase their talent and manage their own career in music.   This site allows you to browse music artists, indie artists, listen to free music, watch videos, & read the latest news and updates. It provides an ultimate resource for the development of music artists.

8. – Humblevoice is not just for music artists. It appeals to the entire music lover community including photography, art, film, writing, and music. Your own profile can be created and with that, you can upload and share your creations whether it’s a photograph or a song.

9. – The mission of this website is to promote artists of different genres, from solo to band globally on the web. The features of this website include a music player, playlist editor, page builder, and music classifieds.

10. – This website can help any artists find a perfect booking for an event. The artists can be contacted through the site’s online booking tools. The searchers can even look for any artists available in the area where they want the musicians to perform.

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