Should Models & Music Artists Be Using Twitter

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging site online that provides a chance for people to post certain links or message for everybody to read. These posts are called “tweets” and cannot be longer than 140 characters.  It is also dubbed as the “SMS of the internet”.


Twitter was created in March 2006 and made available to the public for free in July of the same year. The main founder is Jack Dorsey who is based in San Francisco, California. As of 2011, there are approximately 200 million users worldwide.

Today, a lot of music artists and models use Twitter for everyday updates for those who follow them.

So, why should music artists or models use twitter? What are the advantages of using twitter:

·         Twitter provides a compelling tool for gaining information. This is important especially for breaking news and updates about the weather. It can be very useful for artists and even for an average individual because it can serve as their guide if they will be pushing through with their work, concerts, events, and other important meetings or it will all be cancelled

·         Fans and followers can track real-time list of events and shows. This gives those who work in the entertainment industry like the musicians and models a way of promoting their shows and events and even update their followers on the shows that they will not be able to attend.

·         Receive feedback from fans and followers If a music artist has a new track or music video that he/she has just recorded, the use of Twitter can be greatly useful.  Music artist can upload the link of the said music track or video then ask his followers if something is lacking or if everything goes together. For a model, he/she can upload certain pictures and ask her followers for their opinion about it and be able to get some constructive criticisms on what to improve and not.

·         Promotion of your blogs For music artists and models certainly should have blogs that they use to post their videos, pictures, updates, album covers, and newly-released songs or tracks.  Twitter can be used to create more traffic in your blogging site.

·         Market Research Twitter offers a great opportunity for artists to find and discover what their fans like and get to know who their fans really are.

While there are a lot of advantages with the use of twitter for music artists and models, there are also some disadvantages.

Cons to using Twitter:

·         Anonymous: in some cases you will never know who really is following you, your competitors may just be around and digging up on your information and using it against you.

·         Revealing a great amount of personal information and interests: This could be dangerous if Twitter users are not aware of personal information being shared or hacked.

·         Getting distracted: by focusing more on obtaining followers than promoting your talent. In addition, distraction can be created by participating in conversations not related to what you are truly promoting.

·         Privacy: Twitter has formed a user agreement that they might or may be sharing your personal information with third-party affiliates.

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