What do record labels look for

What Do Record Labels look for in talents that they want to sign to their label?

The allure of a million dollars and a one way ticket of being famous draw many people toward being a musician. To become a professional musician someone has to get a record deal. No matter what wannabe musicians want to sing they will have to get a label.

A record label only signs someone when they feel they will be able to make money from him/her. There are some specific sets of qualities record labels look for before signing talents to their labels. That specific artist or band need to stand out from others. Confidence, dedication, professionalism and experience will differentiate the artist from others.

The first thing the artist must have is good music. The artist also needs to have talent in music and some real experience. The talent or the band has to be genuine and unique. He should be able to create something new from recognized music, he should be able to add beats and mix something else to make is sound better. The uniqueness shows when the talents can add something extra to what he was taught and therefore he creates something new and original. The band will have to put their special elements into music.

Second thing is called musicianship. A musician should know his instruments. Labels expect musicians to know the instruments and lack of knowledge about instruments might lose him the record deal. Being savvy about an instruments sometimes show the dedication towards the music. Dedication is the one thing that takes someone to success and encourages him to tread on that path.

Thirdly, professional attitude is one important thing labels look when they want to sign someone for their label. Labels look for professional quality promotional package. A musician or a band needs to proper press kit with persuasive photos and a well written biography. Biography will have to be honest and will be focused on band’s attitude, endeavors and accomplishments. Photos must represent a musician or the band.

Next, the knowledge of current music trends is another important thing. Now, music has evolved into something very different from past. Musicians just focus on what is popular. So, record companies want new talents who can evolve and revolutionize the current music and who will push the boundaries to explore something new. So as a newcomer, the musician will push boundaries and will give something to listeners and by this way record companies will earn billions.

Performance is another necessity. A musician’s open performance, ability to attract audience also matters very much when record label wants to sign a new talent for a record deal. A kick ass show is very impressive to get a deal. If a band’s or artist’s performance is not good they shouldn’t accept it on stage. Being confident can be helpful in this case. A good old saying is “the show must go on”. As a musician it’s their duty to entertain listeners and fans. As a musician, you will also need the ability to act in accordance with any type of hurdles; you will have to overcome all difficulties to be successful.

If a musician has all these components he will be able to get a record deal. Musicians will have to be patient because nobody becomes successful in a day. All these qualities will take a musician to right directions. A music artist will have to be committed to making sacrifices to make his career work then he will not be far from success.


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