Modeling Agencies – What Do They Look For?

A Modeling agencies task is to find work for its respective model. Modeling agencies play the role of agent and they settle contracts for their models. Agencies are compensated by earning a percentage of the model’s earned amount for the jobs generated by that agency. In general, when it comes to the type of models that agencies are in need of, they typically look for qualities such as height, body, skin, facial symmetrical features, whether photogenic or not, walk talents, personality, professionalism, unique features, versatility, etc. The perfect model would be a total package possessing a combination of the aforementioned traits.

Modeling scouts look for a very specific set of physical criteria. The overall physical look is the first thing agents see, but inner and outer beauty are both extremely essential. A model should present her outer beauty with inner kindheartedness and confidence which will impress the agencies and scouts.  Although the look and size of models is evolving, they are generally tall and slim because clothes tend to present well on this body type. Slimmer figures are also important because they tend to be photographed nicely. Using a slim model also helps limit problems associated with important photographic angles.

It is important for models to be photogenic. Models must be able to take good pictures. Elements of being photogenic are mostly genetic, but a model can learn some aspects of this skill. In addition, models should know their own angles. This means they should know how to pose and how to hold a pose realistically. These are extremely significant and should be learned by all serious models.

Agencies want models that are reliable and available for work.  Models that have a reputation of being unreliable or unprofessional may struggle with their careers. Modeling agencies generally reach out to potential models via phone or email. It is important to maintain up to date contact information so that the modeling agency has no difficulty scheduling for auditions and bookings.

Modeling is extremely hard work and requires a positive attitude to be successful. Models can have to photo shoots that last for 10 hours or longer. Sometimes this hard work and dedication is not portrayed when studying what it takes to become a model but it is very necessary and it is very much part of the modeling profession. During these rough times, models need to have good stamina and should remember to be team players. In addition to long shoots, the shooting time and dates can change unexpectedly so models also need to able to adjust their busy schedule according to the alterations.  Agencies look for models that possess the necessary maturity level it takes to deal with these ups and downs. It is important for models to not waste the time of the agencies or clients.

It is important for models to always look like that they are on runway. They should feel the stylist and fashion icon inside themselves and dress accordingly. A model should have their own exclusive and classy fashion sense.  Models should dress according to their body type and look spectacular.  Agencies look for models that have some specific unique features.  A model needs to show an agent the quality that will make him or her special or stand out from everyone else.

Additional skills other than looks are very important. Skills such as horseback riding, skiing, swimming, rock climbing can do magic for some models. Agencies might be interested in models having these specialized skills.

  Top 10 List For Models:
  1. Slim body structure
  2. Models should have the “look” such as beautiful skin, angular facial structure
  3. It’s important to have great work ethic
  4. Flexibility and willing to arrange schedules
  5. A model should be available, reliable, and show professionalism in their jobs
  6. Models should have an appealing personality to attract agency and clients
  7. A model’s personal style statement should be remarkable
  8. Being photogenic is exceptionally important
  9. A model should demonstrate his/her marketable features and special qualities
  10. Skills distinguish a super model from a wannabe model

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