Is Social Networking Worth The Time For Music Artists & Models

Social networking provides far reaching opportunity for musicians to advance their career, but there are some real misunderstandings. If a music artist has millions of friends on Facebook, Myspace, or millions of followers on twitter, that does not necessarily mean that he/she is popular solely based on their talent. In a lot of cases, most of the connections or individuals “friended” have been “friended” so that they themselves can obtain more friends for their own profiles. This process of “friending” may in some instances misrepresent a talent’s actual fan base or true followers. The truth is, social networking sites can and should play a significant role in building a fan base and helping launch careers, but not even social networking can substitute hard work along with reasonable finances and marketing expertise.

Yet and still, if a music artist or model would like to expand his/her fan base, he/she should certainly explore the power of social networks to find their target audience.  It is important for music artists and models to target the right demographic so that their marketing is effective.  Along with the power of social networking sites music artists and models should consider building their own website.  This is critical so that when the artist/model is using social networking sites he/she will be able to direct fans to his/her own website.  In this case, the social networking sites are used as lures to bring fans and any interested industry experts to the talent’s main website. The main website should consist of important information that can potentially help the talent advance in their career.

There are tools for musicians and models such as events, live chats and discussion boards.  Many musicians and models have created separate Facebook events for each of their concerts, shows, or performances to create awareness and gain exposure for each of their pages. Live chats allow musicians and models to post videos of them responding to questions which fans ask through a text based chat room interface. Many social networking sites have tabs which link fans directly to iTunes and Amazon. This is important because artist and models can promote and sell their products from these links. Another great social networking tool is hosting forums and discussions where fans interact with each other and voice their opinions. Active message boards bring more fans and can help increase a musician or model’s popularity.

If you are a model then social networking can turn out to be a good choice for you to move forward your career. Networking and connections are very important to a model’s career. Making the right connection is vital to achieve success. Social networking sites such as Industry Exposure, Facebook, Twitter and Plurk are very popular with models and for their advancements.

A model should create a portfolio to enhance publicity or it can be for modeling purposes. Social networking sites are very popular ways to connect with renowned designers, other fashion artists and fellow friends.  Social networking sites provide tools such as resume posting and picture albums. When a model creates an online portfolio, it allows businesses the ability to connect with them. This will increase the chances of networking with designers and the latest fashions trends. By this way a wannabe model can have the opportunity to grab jobs or he can contact designers. Uses of these social networks are must for those models who want to contact their favorite designers.

Social networking is more than just friends. It allows for the opportunity of great networking, increased exposure, and the ability to reach out to those who generally matter the most – Fans!   If you are a serious model or music artist, you should certainly be using social networking to your advantage.

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