How It Works


The first step is to create a free online profile. The process to create a profile is simple and quick. Once you create your free online profile, you will receive a personalized profile link. You can edit your profile and upload your digital content you would like to sell to fans.

The first step is to create a free online portfolio


Once your online profile has been created and you have uploaded your amazing content – you are done. Tell your fan-base about your available content. In the meantime, our team uses advanced guerrilla marketing techniques to promote Industry Exposure to important Industry Experts.

We market to entertainment industry recruiters and experts


Start gaining additional exposure. Our team sends out promotional items to our already established network of record labels, A&R reps, model agencies, and other Entertainment Industry Experts. Entertainment Industry Experts receive our promotional brochures and include Industry Exposure in their searching methods for talent.

Gain Exposure & Build your network with other industry professionals


We Promote You
Industry Exposure staff members interact with industry experts daily. Members of the Industry Exposure Team use innovative marketing techniques in efforts to showcase your talents and encourage the use of Industry Exposure. Industry Exposure's marketing saves you time & money.
Sell Content & Generate Income
Generate income by selling your digital content to fans all over the world. Industry Exposure’s simplified upload and sell process allows you to start making money by giving your fans a chance to easily download your content.
Industry Networking
Networking is an exceptionally important part of the entertainment business. Industry Exposure’s platform is dedicated exclusively to individuals with a strong interest in the entertainment business. The networking experience is genuine to your needs.
Quality Exposure
Quality exposure is an attribute that you can never have enough of. Whether you are a model, music artists, photographer, or actor, it is important to take advantage of as many good exposure opportunities as possible. The more good exposure that you have the better chances you have industry experts to find your work.
Entertainment Career Options
Having a career in the entertainment business can be lots of fun and provide an extremely valuable experience. Search for positions or post your resume in the entertainment niche-specific job forum and let industry executives recruit you for opportunities.
Entertainment Industry Forum
Participate in Industry Exposure's Entertainment Industry Forum. Update yourself and others on important industry topics. Forum participation is a great way to express yourself and expand your fan base.


Industry Exposure is a dynamic promotions and publicity service. We are an active link between industry experts and your talents. Industry Exposure performs as your online virtual agent. The Industry Exposure team works vigorously around the clock distributing promotions and publicity on your behalf. It is our goal to create the ultimate online networking platform for music artists and models to showcase their talents to those individuals who are in a position to take you to the next level.