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Q: What is Industry Exposure

A: Industry Exposure is a dynamic promotions and publicity service. We are an active link between industry experts and your talents. Industry Exposure performs as your online virtual agent. The Industry Exposure team works vigorously around the clock distributing promotions and publicity on your behalf. It is our goal to create the ultimate online networking platform for music artists and models to showcase their talents to those individuals who are in a position to take you to the next level.

Q: What do I need to do to get started

A: Getting started is simple

  1. Create your free portfolio
  2. Industry Exposure team members market & promote daily
  3. Check your portfolio daily for – networking and messages

Q:  Why do Industry Experts choose Industry Exposure to find talent

A: There are many reasons industry experts include Industry Exposure as a resource in finding talent:

  1. Team members have established relationships with industry experts
  2. Team members advertise & market on your behalf
  3. Industry Exposure has a screening process to ensure only serious music artists & models are retained in the talent database
  4. User Friendliness – Industry Exposure was designed for industry experts to find talent.

Q: What can I upload to my portfolio

A: You are able to embed html coding, upload music files, photos, videos, current events, shows, links to other sites, places where you are performing, biography, and much more. Your profile is your online portfolio to showcase your talents – You can customize your portfolio to your liking.  Change colors, fonts, text size, embed videos from Youtube or other sites.  Typically the portfolio with the most photos, songs, and videos will attract the most visitors.

Q: If an Industry Expert reviews my portfolio, what are the chances that I will get a deal or contract

A: It all depends on your skills & availabilities. Once you are contacted it is a good idea to respond in a timely manner.  Check your profile and registered email accounts daily… you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. Keep in mind, most legitimate industry professionals do not accept unsolicited material. They would rather browse through categorized material which makes it easy to find exactly what they are looking for.