How to Become a Makeup Artist

How to Become a Makeup Artist?

Working in the entertainment industry involves many career paths and perspectives.  One way to break into the world of entertainment is as a makeup artist.  This career path allows you the potential of working with super stars and celebrities. – But, if you want to become a makeup artist, then you must have the following essential qualities:

  • A creative imagination
  • Strong communication skills and visual sense
  • Confidence and the ability to be tactful
  • Have stamina to work intense hours and under pressure
  • A keen eye for details
  • A team player – makeup artists typically collaborate with dressing and hair styling teams.

If you have all the above qualities plus determination and persistence, your chances of success in becoming a makeup artists are greatly increased.  Now that you are aware of the required attributes, the next question is – how do you become a makeup artists and where to start?

Professional training will be essential.  There are many professional makeup artist and cosmetology schools.  Joining a reputable school to learn the basics is a great start.  Remember that practice makes a makeup artist perfect.  Practice different makeup styles, shades, designs, makeup brands on different people.  Your practice clients should range in age, skin type, color, and tones.  It is always a good idea to becoming a personal assistant to a well know makeup artist – even if it is unpaid.  The experience is invaluable.

In addition to training, it is crucial to learn and remember the 3 P’s…

Practice:   The more you practice your art and skills the better makeup artist you will become.  There are many eye shapes, face shapes, skin colors, eye colors and ages groups that exist.  To be the best makeup artist, you will need many hours of practice time on all of these.  In addition, it is very important to take photos of every makeup job that you do.  Taking photos and creating a portfolio will allow you to evaluate your work later to see what you did right or what went wrong.  This process will help polish your skills and ultimately make you a better makeup artist.

Portfolio:  As a makeup artist, having a portfolio is a necessity.  It is extremely critical and will help you impress prospective clients.  There are two must-have types of portfolios – online and one that is in a nice leather bound case with professional grade photos.  To establish your online portfolio – it is recommended to use a site builder or have a professional web designer build your portfolio site for you.  Upload your best work to your online portfolio and always strive for professional perfection.  An additional point to keep in mind is that you and your own face tell prospective clients quite a bit.  For this reason, it is important for you to proper, with perfect makeup for the occasion as your face will be the best advertisement of your skills.

Publicize: The third step towards success in this industry is the third P, which is to publicize. Tell the world that you are a makeup artist and that you are ready for work.  It is usually a good idea to have business cards as part of your marketing repertoire.  Remember to always keep it professionally perfect.  Your business cards should be of high quality print complete with your name, contact, email address, and what type of business it is that you do.

Being a makeup artist can be a fantastic way to potentially break into the world of entertainment.  It also allows you to work with obvious customers such as high-school kids during prom season, wedding planners, party and event planners, and even at the local counters of famous makeup companies. Marketing your skills is very important, but if you are just starting out, you may have to do a lot of free work as a demonstration of your skills and quality of work.





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