10 Sites That All Photographers Should Know

1.      www.flickr.com – Flickr is one of the pioneer websites for photo-sharing and video hosting online. It started five years ago and now hosts 6 billion images.  Flickr can help photographers publish, organize and share their photos and videos online. The site continues to grow to accommodate the needs of its subscribers and make their life a lot easy and definitely better.

2.      www.photo.net – This website started in 1993 where photo enthusiasts from newbies to experts connect with other photographers, explore image galleries, talk and discuss about photography, share and review photos and learn all about photography. This site provides an opportunity for photographers and other users to ask questions or even give advice related to photography.

3.      www.snugmug.com – Snugmug is surely a great site for professional photographers, beginners who treasure their passion, and for those who simply loves photos. While using snugmug, users get access to a personalized and customizable online gallery of images for easy sharing, printing, and archiving. Payment is required to get a subscription, but you’ll get the advantage of a website that is free from ads and spam, has unlimited storage, and no limit with regards to the size of the photos uploaded.

4.      www.guidetofilmphotography.com – This online guide to film photography is one of the best sources available on the web for those who are interested in learning about the basics of film photography. It offers basic photography tips and techniques, information about cameras, exposure, and film types.

5.      www.photography.com – This website is involved in allowing users to ask questions and get appropriate answers from co-users and photographers. If you love to read articles about photography, browse photography equipment, read camera reviews, buy cameras, locate a photographer, and find stock photography, then this website is the right fit for you. If you want to make your services known, you can subscribe to the website’s premium account.

6.      www.photobucket.com – If you need to upload, download, share a link, find photos, videos, and graphics, then this website will be very useful for you. You can sign-up for a free account and store hundreds and thousands of your photos and videos and even share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

7.      www.picturecorrect.com – This website is perfect for those who are seeking photography tips and tutorials and equipment shopping guide. It was launched by Richard Schneider back in 2003 as a photo editing service.  He also launched a social network named the Picture Social Photography Network where photographers from all level of expertise share their knowledge and also learn from others.

8.      www.outdoorphotographer.com – This is a great site especially for those who want tips and tricks on shooting outdoors. It showcases great outdoor gears for photographers and amazing finds on camera accessories. You can also find good ideas on where the next location of your photo shoot will be.

9.      www.popphoto.com – This website contains tests and reviews of the number one photography equipment, cameras. It has blog posts, podcasts, and articles about varying topics on photography. For camera enthusiasts, they can check out the buying guide and forums for tips. Contests and workshops are also held in this website.

10. www.protonhead.com – Protonhead was launched in 2004 and was actually an evolution of another website that was popular in 1996 named the “Exposure”. This evolution now offers a one of a kind view of modern photography. The quick and easy guide and tips about photography serves as an amazing inspiration for growth of the photographers, may they be beginners or experts. This site also offers a photo editing guide and gives you an idea on what is the best software to download for it.

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